Itemupdating read only field

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Sometimes you want to update a read only system field in TFS, such as System. I heard that you can bypass them in TFS 2012 using the object model, but with TFS 2010 you have to use the Work Item Server. There is no way to do that with TFS 2010 by using the UI or the object model because both of those methods execute validation rules and you can’t disable them. Created Date’ has no setter” OR “Property or indexer ‘Microsoft. When using the Event Receivers in Share Point a common scenario is to update a property on the item the event was fired on.I’ve heard of people running into this issue a few times and it’s not all that obvious what the proper way is to do this.To prevent users from changing the name of the planet, you can develop a Item Updating event receiver.This event occurs before the data is saved to the Share Point list.This walkthrough is based on the first one where I have a custom list with planets of our solar system.

The index of any item greater than the index of the added item is increased by one.

It turns out there is actually a very simple way to accomplish this, but it’s not clearly documented in the places you would expect it.

The MSDN documentation on the Item Updated and Item Updating event make no mention of a method called Disable Event Firing.

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