Who is kellan lutz dating right now

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] A caller then asked the two actors what's the craziest thing a fan has done to get their attention! Miz Hudgens reveals that a very enthusiastic female fanatic once made out with her neck!While that was pretty weird, it surely wasn't the weirdest!I was with Kellan Lutz, and I never trusted that he actually loved me. On Monday, Anna Kendrick took to Twitter to request the assistance of a "strapping muscular man" as she was having some struggles in the kitchen. Video: Anna & Stephen Colbert Bond Over Who knew Kellan Lutz was such a daredevil?! with Vanessa Hudgens chatting it up with host Andy Cohen!On Wednesday, Kellan decided to flex his enviable muscles where most average people like to work out — a CLIFF. Kellan Reveals A Fan Once Made A Vibrating Doll Of Him That She Uses! Lutz, who we have major respect for right now, took to a beautiful cliff in Australia where he's filming a movie to perform some planks and other sexy moves. [ Related: Kellan Lutz & Antonio Banderas Are A Couple Of Hotties On The Mound!As far as school, well it affected that greatly since I quit going to school to take the biggest risk of my life and pursue acting.I worked my butt off in high school and received a lot of scholarships for college and to throw all that away for acting was tough for my family, but it was...The only thing that might up the ante, of course, is a date whose blue eyes and bulging biceps are known the world over.Enter Lutz: one-time Abercrombie model, professional lion cub tamer, and the new host of Fox's extreme sporting competition series , which premieres tonight at 9 p.m.

, Anna Lynne Mc Cord opened up on her painful sexual assault and how it affected her three-year relationship with ex-boyfriend Kellan Lutz.where the character, Alex, was a defensive end or a linebacker, and he weighed 230.I'm at 200 right now, so I was excited to put on 30 pounds.6'1". I like being 215 or 220 when that shit is yoke muscle like in ] No, but thank god they let me be me.The girls would put their lip balm on — I was obsessed with it! When we were younger, he'd get his phone confiscated and be like, 'Kellan, bring me yours! I've never really bought scratch cards or quick picks. I took it with me so I wouldn't have to go to the bank because I can never find them. The flavors were chocolate, caramel, and strawberry (that one just took my breath away! I'll wake up every morning, hop in the shower, and turn my TV around to watch it. Even when a girlfriend cheats on me, I'll find a way to get all the info out. ' And it'd be like midnight and I'm sliding it down the hallway to him. Let's hang out.' He brought me to the parties and I was like the cool young Lutz. It's just like, 'I bet you I can spin my chair longer.' I love to win. I knew I was coming out to New York and I suck at the subways but this has GPS.

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