Wpf list binding not updating

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Instead, you can use the On the last point, re-creating the collection (instead of just adding/removing) is a common thing to do, especially considering the overhead of doing large numbers of add/removes.

In brief: Your model Order Item should implement interface INotify Property Changed. UPDATE: I felt uncomfortable with defining a wrapper just to manipulate objects, and the problem of editing an object itself in a list and not one of its properties seemed to me universal, so I tried to find another solution. I searched quite a bit and have found Dennis Troller’s answer here: WPF List Box Items with Data Templates - How do I reference the CLR Object bound to List Box Item from within the Data Template?I have what I believe should be simple two-way databinding in WPF setup, but the listbox (target) is not updating as the collection changes.But yes, the answer is still the same: put the value you want to change in a property of the source object, instead of making it the source object. Brandon may not want to take the time to write a full-blown answer, but you can easily post the code you had to write to fix the problem, since you already have it.As comments by @Brandon Kramer and @Peter Duniho show, the solution is that data binding cannot change the object itself to which it is bound, only the properties of that object.

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